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Taste the Rainbow

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Taste the rainbow

I love organizing and styling open bookshelves - they are the perfect blank canvas for my creativity. I believe every space in your home should be functional and beautiful. No matter your style or taste, you can always rely on organizing by the colors of the...

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Spice up your life

Organizing spices can be tricky since they are all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Even labels are not promised to be the same! Depending on what type of cook you are, or aspire to be, the amount of spices vary from house to house along with the storage for the...

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Organization: Where to start

In all my years of organizing, I’ve noticed that the biggest hurdle is simply where exactly to start.  So, I thought I’d share a super-simple set of initial steps to take when tackling the all too daunting world of decluttering... 

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Travel packing tips

Looking for efficient packing tips to keep you neat and organized? I’ve got you covered! Over the years, I’ve kept track of some helpful organizational tips and tricks that not only maximize your suitcase but also help you stay stress-free (and hopefully carefree!) on those big travel days. 

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